Wage Programs

Employment Nova Scotia has several programs related to wage subsidies, apprenticeship and skills development that may be of use to employers.


START Program


The START Program encourages employers to hire Nova Scotians requiring work experience. Financial incentives can be provided to employers with a labour need willing to support ready-to-work Nova Scotians. Incentives will vary depending on the type of employment offered and the skill level of the employee.  For more information, check out https://www.novascotia.ca/employmentnovascotia/programs/start.asp.


Job Creation Partnership


The Job Creation Partnerships (JCP) is a program designed to support projects that will provide eligible participants with meaningful work experience that will improve their employment prospects. While project activities should benefit both the participant and the community, the focus of JCP is to aid participants in acquiring work experience that will assist them in finding full time employment.  For more information, check out https://www.novascotia.ca/employmentnovascotia/programs/job-creation-partnerships.asp


Work Smarts


Are you an employer in Atlantic Canada who could benefit from a wage subsidy to hire a recent graduate? For more information, check out https://ssbdc.ca/ws-home/employer-information/.


Graduate to Opportunity


Employers have the opportunity to hire a recent graduate and the Government of Nova Scotia will cover a portion of the salary.  For more information, check out https://novascotia.ca/programs/graduate-to-opportunity.


Business Accessibility


As part of Nova Scotia’s commitment to recognize accessibility as a human right, standards will be developed in the following areas: built environment, education, employment, goods and services, information and communications, and transportation. These new standards will impact businesses in terms of accommodations for their employees and businesses will need to be compliant by 2030 to avoid penalties. For more information about the Accessibility Act, check the provincial government’s press release and the Accessibility Act.


Businesses have access to grants to can help them offset compliance costs through the NS Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.


Employer Engagement Specialists


Island Employment Association offers programs and services at 7 locations across Cape Breton; Sydney, Port Hawkesbury, Inverness, Cheticamp, St. Peter’s and Petit de Grat. They have Employer Engagement Specialists to help employers hire people who are the best fit for their organization. Specialists provide the following services to employers:


  • Free job advertising and on internal job board, Facebook page and website
  • Help developing competency based job descriptions
  • Recruitment, referrals and selection of potential candidates
  • Matching clients’ skills with employer needs
  • Employee transition support during closure or layoffs
  • Employment maintenance support and retention
  • Information on wage subsidy programs


Labour Market Information (LMI)


Careers Nova Scotia provides a one stop website for anything Labour Market related.  This site will help you access, understand, and make use of the best information possible.  Information can be a powerful tool.  Knowing the latest Labour Market Information (LMI) gives you a snapshot of your job, your province, your business, your employees, your education, and your income prospects.  You can use the information to make choices, to make changes, and to create your desired future.  For more information, check out https://careers.novascotia.ca/labourmarketinformation.

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