Transportation Policy

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The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce (SACOC) recognizes the economic and social impact that quality transportation infrastructure has on the Strait Region and the Provincial Economy. All Stakeholders should promote development of the appropriate infrastructure necessary to support relevant business, ensure market access and foster prosperity to grow Nova Scotia’s economy. The Strait Region is a Nova Scotia Transportation Hub and the SACOC recognizes that four (4) Transportation Pillars – Sea, Rail, Highway and Air – should be supported by:




  1. A local management organization that strives to promote, improve, grow and protect trade and commerce in our region,
  2. A focus on participating in the development and growth of the Strait of Canso, and
  3. The divestiture of the harbour bed from the government of Canada to a local organization, if based on the principals of financial sustainability and stakeholder engagement outlined in the Strait of Canso Governance Policy.




  1. Investment of stakeholders to increase use of existing infrastructure, and
  2. Investment of rail owners to increase capacity of the infrastructure.




  1. Infrastructure improvements and alignments that:
    • Support increased tourism and commercial traffic,
    • Support increased road safety, and
    • Support fiscally responsible and timely strategies for implementing highwayimprovements.




  1. Investment of stakeholders to provide:
    • All-weather 24/7 landings, and
    • Service for long-range business jets.


This requires strong leadership including outstanding communication, consensus building and teamwork between all stakeholders.

Your Success is Our Success.