Infrastructure Development Policy

Industrial / Commercial Infrastructure Development Policy


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The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce (SACOC) recognizes the positive economic and social impact that industrial and commercial infrastructure has on the Strait Region and the Provincial Economy. All stakeholders should be encouraged to promote the development of the infrastructure necessary to support existing business models, enhance market access and generate healthy returns which will result in a strong Nova Scotia economy.


The Strait Area Chamber supports industrial and commercial infrastructure developments that comply with regulatory requirements of government. Developments supported by the Chamber should follow the following general guidelines:


  1. New infrastructure development, or changes to existing infrastructure must have a focus on safety, environmental and community impacts.
  2. New infrastructure developments, or enhanced developments in sectors such as energy, tourism, information and communications technology, manufacturing, forestry, transportation, and oceans (among others) should have a demonstrable positive impact on the economy of the Strait Region. This positive impact should include some, but not be limited to the following:
    1. Increased workforce during construction,
    2. Long-term job creation,
    3. Skills development opportunities for the local workforce,
    4. Opportunities for enhanced efficiency for existing business,
    5. Ability to access new markets, and
    6. Increased labour income and/or GDP growth.
  3. Infrastructure developments must be sustainable in the long term, with a committed business partner.
  4. Infrastructure development must allow for public consultation/engagement, including with First Nations stakeholders, as required by government regulations.
  5. Proponents of infrastructure development will be encouraged to use local suppliers.


It is recognized that the execution of this policy will require strong leadership, communication, consensus building and teamwork of all stakeholders.

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