Expectations, Accountability & Compliance


  • Board meetings are held 9 times each year – typically the third Tuesday of the month lasting for 1.5 hours each. Meetings are held primarily in the Town of Port Hawkesbury, but at least one board meeting per year will be held at a member location with an experiential component incorporated (June meeting). Teleconference options are available for board meetings if travel is an issue (although in-person meetings are recommended).
  • Board members should plan to arrive at meetings having reviewed the supporting documents provided (board packages are generally sent to the board one week in advance of a meeting).
  • Chamber Board members are encouraged to join at least one committee of interest (typical meeting frequency is 4-6 times per year and some follow up duties may be required).
  • Board members are also expected to participate in various events hosted by the Chamber by attending, promoting or assisting in the planning/execution.
  • Board members will be provided with (and shall abide by the contents within) a Board Policy package that includes responsibilities/roles of Chamber board members and staff, along with policy statements of the Chamber.
  • Board members will be expected to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Chamber Executive Committee members meet via teleconference 12-16 times per year (typically 30 minute calls focused on operational, policy, or strategy).

Accountability & Compliance

  • The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce subscribes to an electronic payroll deposit system, resulting in automatic CRA remittances monthly for EI, CPP and Income Tax deductions. WCB is remitted separately each month. All remittances are reported as part of the Treasurer’s Report at each Board Meeting.
  • The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce contracts with an independent auditor each year to have a full review engagement conducted prior to its May annual general meeting. The resulting statements are presented and approved at the AGM.
  • The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce purchases both Director & Officer Liability insurance and general commercial liability insurance.
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