About Us

About The Chamber

The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce is a business development organization that promotes, improves, and protects trade and commerce. We envision the Strait Area as one of the best places in which you can invest, live, work and conduct business. Through our leadership and advocacy, we proactively address business related issues and opportunities through a united voice. 


We value the opinions and diversity of our business community and encourage participation, inclusion and collaboration. Your local chamber also encourages the personal and professional growth of its members through resources and education such as our Workplace Education program. Through our events and networking opportunities, we connect people to communities, resources and business in our area.

Our Mission & Values

The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce is also driven by member needs and the overall success of the business community in our area. We are an unbiased and fact-based advocate for collective business interests in our region and in doing so, we are open to new creative ideas with the potential to change the status quo. 


As a constantly growing business organization, we actively demonstrate corporate responsibility and aim to contribute to our region as much as possible. We bring the best of who we are to our work and business relationships and set the standards for the vision of what the Strait Area region could be.

We currently have over 300 members from across the region and our Board of Directors is composed of 16 members from the area. In addition, we have a variety of committees working on specific initiatives to improve business conditions in the region. As your local Chamber, our job is to work with you to build a stronger economy and a better community. 

The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce offers support for social causes whenever possible and ensures that local non-profits that are the heart of our community can access member benefits at a special rate. We also believe in the value of networking, so we develop events like Celtic Oktoberfest that bring people together to support our local businesses and cultural communities.

Your Success is Our Success.