How to NOT miss out our updates on Social Media

How to NOT miss out our updates on Social Media

Hello #ChamberFamily,


On this post we’ll cover the basic steps you can take to ensure our Social Media updates are showing up on your timeline. We have a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram – not to mention LinkedIn and Twitter – where we post daily updates on our events, advocacy and membership benefits.




If you have been on Facebook for a few years, you might have noticed that their algorithm doesn’t show the content from all your friends and liked pages, so to ensure you are getting our posts and updates please follow these steps:

1- Go to the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page  (If you haven’t Liked our page yet, this is the time!)

2- Hover the cursor on the button “Follow” and click on “See First”.


3- You will receive our updates on Facebook as soon as they are published!




We are also very active on Instagram! To ensure you are not missing out on our updates on this social media platform, please follow these steps:

1-      Follow us @StraitAreaCoC

2-      Tap on the 3 dotted icon on the right side of one of our posts or on our main page.


3-      Tap on “Turn on Post Notifications”


Simple and easy! Follow the steps above and immediately you’ll be seeing more of the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce content pop-up on your timeline!


If you need extra help, let us know: (902) 625-1588 or email us at


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